My current tech pet peeve is not being able to add titles of movies and shows I’d like to watch on HBO Max and Apple TV+ before they’ve debuted. Often, I’ll see a tweet about something I’d like to watch when it becomes available, or see it mentioned in a promotional email from the streamer, but when I go to the service’s app, it’s not there.

For instance, I’ll check out (and later review) a new Denzel Washington flick called “The Little Things” which debuts on HBO Max this Friday, but I can’t add it to my queue on that service’s app or website yet, just two days before it premieres. Oh, I can add the movie’s trailer, but I never watch those.¬†Instead, I have to leave myself a reminder to add it to the queue later this week. Yes, I need an offline queue of items I’ll later put in the online queue.

This is not a problem with Netflix or Prime Video, both of which allow users to save the titles of content that’s yet to be released. The same is true for the Netflix DVD service, where I have things in the queue that haven’t even been pressed into discs yet.

This falls under the broad heading of things that aren’t road-tested well enough by the designers, or were ignored when users complained about them during beta testing. Hopefully, future iterations of the streamers’ apps will be updated to include this functionality.