Reader Ted Williams e-mailed to ask which of the three remaining teams I think will win this 13th season of “The Amazing Race.”

My wife and daughter and I had been rooting for Toni and Dallas, the mother-and-son team who came in last on Sunday and were eliminated after Dallas left the bag containing their money and passports in a taxi. But in an interview with BuddyTV, Dallas claims it wasn’t his fault:

They cut it and made it look like I kind of just lost this cab, which was not the case. I took three cabs before I even got to where my mom was there at the end of that road block. It wasn’t until I got out of the second cab that I realized that it’d gotten left in the first cab, due to when they were changing my battery on my microphone, which is underneath my t-shirt, strapped around my chest. So they had to undo the fanny pack that was carrying everything.

Regardless, his error is what cost them the chance to make the final three.

Of the teams that are left, Nick and Starr have to be the favorites. They’ve run a great race, finishing each leg by getting to Phil’s mat first more often than any other team. We certainly can’t root for frat boys Dan and Andrew, who may be the most incompetent (and spastic) team to ever get this far. As for Ken and Tina, I despise the whole notion of couples going on “TAR” to help save their damaged relationships. Besides, Tina would just blow the million on more Botox.

So, Ted, I’m going with the brother-and-sister team to win it all.

As a bonus, watch this clip from host Phil Keoghan’s video diary of some time he spent with his father — who helped to greet the teams in the Keoghans’ home nation, New Zealand — and introduced America to the Bastard Burger.

Click here to listen to interviews I’ve done with Phil and some teams from previous seasons.

By the way, the 14th season of “The Amazing Race” is set to debut February 15th. I hope that when it starts, at least one team will have thought ahead far enough to know how to get to the airport from their starting point. Why no one has mapped that out before baffles me — you know it’s an international race and your first destination will be outside the US, so your first job is to figure out which roads lead to the major airport!