Anyone expecting all the vaccine refuseniks — the ones who used “it hasn’t been officially approved by the FDA” as their excuse — to now start running to their doctors or nearest clinics to get the Pfizer shots completely misunderstands these covidiots.

It’s not like they have suddenly begun trusting an agency of the federal government. Or that they’ve decided to stop “owning the libs.”

It’s that everyone in their media and social bubbles has lied to them over and over and over again, and that’s all they believe. They even booed their Cult Leader a few days ago when he told them to get vaccinated. And don’t forget the hypocrites at Fox News Channel, where the corporate policy mandates vaccines and masks, but you’d never know it from the nonstop on-air vendetta against science.

Of course, if someone in their bubble suggests ingesting an unapproved-for-humans horse de-worming medication, the line forms on the right. After they put down their bleach cocktails, I mean.

On the other hand, the FDA’s move does make it easier for companies, schools, and governments to mandate vaccinations. I’m waiting for insurance companies to announce they won’t pay any bills for any unvaccinated people who are admitted to hospitals.

I can already see the commercial: “You’ve finally decided you want the shot? That’s on us. You still steadfastly refuse the shot? That’s on you!”