After the TSA sent out press releases about it, many news outlets recently ran pieces reminding travelers that, beginning October 1, 2020, we will need identification that complies with new Real ID regulations in order to get through security at the airport. That means most of us will have to go to the DMV to get updated driver’s licenses. Or, more correctly, have a gold star added to our current license — as if we’d done a good job cleaning up our cubby in kindergarten.

There have been signs at most airports about this since early this year, but I don’t mind the reminder. What I object to is CBS (and others) using this headline:

“TSA urges consumers to change identification as Real ID deadline draws near”

Draws near? I think we have different definitions for the word “near.”

It’s bad enough that Halloween candy is already on supermarket shelves in August. Do I have to buy some for the 2020 trick-or-treaters, too? Let’s not panic about a deadline that’s still more than thirteen months away!