If you’re a big time ballplayer, are you allowed to complain in public? Several St. Louis Cardinals did just that this weekend, telling Joe Strauss (St. Louis Post-Dispatch beat reporter) that the team’s trip to Oklahoma City and Springfield before opening the season made them tired and ended up affecting their play.

I don’t buy the argument, because they beat the Astros on opening day in Houston. Yes, they lost the next day, but then had a day off before winning their first home game against the Phillies. It was after that they fell apart, giving up a combined 23 runs on Saturday and Sunday before offering this “we were tired” excuse. Boo-hoo.

Outfielder Larry Walker even seemed to blame it on jet lag. Huh? You started the week in Florida and ended it in St. Louis — a total change of exactly one time zone. It’s not like you had to go play a couple of games in London and Hong Kong! Of course, there was that hour of sleep you lost thanks to daylight saving time. It’s amazing you could even stand up.

Bottom line here is that the fans don’t want to hear you whine about anything. In fact, no one wants to hear anyone complain publicly about how hard their job is, particularly if the perception is that they have a place of privilege, wealth, and fame. It’s so sad that Brad Pitt had to work really long days to make his latest movie. Poor Donald Trump is so busy he barely has time to grab a meal. Little Paris Hilton spent the whole day looking for booties for her puppy and couldn’t find them in the right size. Boo freakin’ hoo!

Keep it internal, bitch and moan in the locker room amongst yourselves all you want, but don’t say it to a reporter or anyone else on the outside. Oh, and run out those ground balls, would you?