Shots Fired, Nothing Changed

After Columbine, things were supposed to change. After Virginia Tech, things were supposed to change. After Aurora, things were supposed to change. After Gabby Giffords, things were supposed to change. After every mass shooting, things were supposed to change. Nothing has changed. What makes anyone think things will change after the horrific events in Newtown, Connecticut, today? There’s […]

There’s No U In Team

I didn’t know until today that my college’s baseball team had been in the College World Series, and frankly, I was shocked. Not because I didn’t think they were good enough, but because I didn’t know the school — now known as Stony Brook University — even had a baseball team. When I went there […]

Refreshed But Not Refreshing

The programmers who write code for really good pieces of software, or apps, or websites, must constantly improve their products once they become popular. That includes updates to work out bugs, or for security reasons, or in response to feedback from the public. Unfortunately, all too often, those programmers think their product needs a completely […]

The Newsprint Stain (cont'd)

[a followup to yesterday’s column] I have always loved newspapers, and still receive the print edition of the New York Times at home.  It remains a great paper, with plenty of compelling content to page through each day, and I appreciate the effort of all the people whose efforts get it to me.  I’m not […]

The Newsprint Stain

The Newsprint Stain

There’s been quite a bit of dismay and hand-wringing in the media world since the daily newspaper in New Orleans, the Times-Picayune, announced it was cutting its print edition to only three days a week. The bottom line is, like many other newspapers, they no longer have enough readers to allow them to charge advertisers the […]

Call The Rams Bluff

Once again, a professional sports franchise is holding our city hostage, and we should call their bluff. The St. Louis Rams have a clause in their lease with the city that states that The Dome must be among the top tier of NFL venues, and if it’s not, the team can pack its bags, break […]