My friend Nolan Dalla thinks problem gambling PSAs are a waste of time and money, and wonders why we don’t get such announcements warning us about other risky activities:

What I don’t get is this: Where were all the public service announcements on cryptocurrency? Why wasn’t the gullible public warned about the pitfalls of making such high-risk investments? That cesspool of a financial market cost *MILLIONS* of people *HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS* of dollars — far worse damage than any casino or sportsbook. Crypto “investments” probably lost 20 times more than any cumulative sports betting figures. Maybe more. Some crypto exchanges even advised people to invest their retirement savings into cryto. Where were the warnings? Why aren’t these predators held accountable?

Those ads were created and paid for by crypto companies. They hired Lebron James, Tom Brady, and Matt Damon. They lectured us about “the future” and “new worlds” while pimping funny money. Now, the greedship lollipop slammed into an iceberg and nobody’s laughing (okay, confession–I’m laughing). So. why aren’t these public figures held accountable? Shouldn’t they bear some responsibility? Shouldn’t the credibility of celebrities who attach their names and faces to scammers and scumbags suffer? I think those celebrity endorsers should be toxic to future advertisers.

Of course, don’t expect warning ads or any public service announcements from crypto companies. Or, giant banks that beg us to take on more credit card debt. Or, soft drink and fast food companies that plow us with garbage that makes us fat and drives diabetes rates into a national health crisis. Nope, you’ll never see a warning about any of those things. But hey, betting $50 on the Packers game — now, that’s a slippery slope.

Read Nolan’s full piece here.