Not long ago, a friend tried to convince me that CNN would be much better if it covered the news in a nonpartisan matter. He just wants the facts, not the endless panels of pundits offering opinions. I agreed with him on that point, but said it has become impossible to be nonpartisan in a world where the cult of Trump doesn’t accept reality, denies facts, and can’t take part in a rational discussion. Thus, attempts by news boss Chris Licht and his superiors to have CNN play everything down the middle are doomed.

Veteran newsman Jim Avila agrees:

In today’s world, both sides journalism cannot exist because one side lies all the time. One side allows disinformation and libel to permeate its broadcasts. Fox did not pay Dominion hundreds of millions of dollars because it tells the truth.

CNN’s effort to stack its panels with both left and right-leaning commentators does not attract Fox viewers, it only serves to irritate and turn away its left-leaning viewers.

Why? Because the new right-wing commentators sitting on the CNN panels will not admit that Trump lost the election and therefore lose all credibility and should not be allowed to spout lies on what is now supposed to be a centrist channel. Being like Fox, by allowing people like Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) to bully his way over moderators who attempt to fact-check him in real time makes for an unwatchable screaming match.

David Axelrod or Abby Phillip or the other veteran thoughtful CNN commentators are diminished by giving equal weight to people like the Florida congressman who, when confronted with his misstatements, merely yells “Let me finish” and continues on with misinformation.

Read Avila’s full piece here.