I’m going to give you a short excerpt of a piece by TV writer and showrunner Eileen Heisler, and hope it gets you to read her full piece, which had me laughing out loud, alone, in my home office…

I’m so fucking pissed at Adele.
Adele showing up blonde and skinny and looking like Katy Perry is just about the last straw of 2020 for me.
Seriously, Adele, fuck you.
And while I’m at it, screw off Instagram people who are finding this to be the most rewarding time of their lives.
The sourdough bread people.
The organizing their kitchen in the colors of the rainbow people—I tried it. Made it through a shelf of cookbooks (I don’t cook.) and my real work clothes in the closet (I don’t wear real clothes anymore.).
The look on the bright side people
The started a charity people
The singing with full choir and orchestra on Zoom people
The “I don’t miss that two-hour commute” people
The “getting masked coffee to-go in town is just like going to Italy” people
Fuck off all of you.