My wife and I are looking forward to season six of “Better Call Saul,” which kicks off tonight with two episodes. The problem is we don’t remember what happened in season five. After all, with delays from the pandemic and Bob Odenkirk’s heart attack, it’s been two years since the show last aired, and we’ve consumed so much content since then we needed a refresher. That’s why I was happy to find the video below.

After we watched it, Martha lamented the fact that we’ll have to wait a week to see each subsequent episode. Of course, that’s how we had viewed TV for the previous half-century, but once Netflix started dropping entire seasons of various shows at once, we became used to binge-watching — and on our own schedule.

I mentioned this to a friend, who replied that we could just wait until the full season airs, and then go back and gobble it up in any size chunks we liked. But for series like “Better Call Saul,” as well as “Barry” (which returns to HBO this Sunday) and “The Flight Attendant” (back on HBO Max this Thursday), we’re chomping at the bit to see where the shows’ creative teams take us. And because these stories create buzz on social media, we’d feel out of the loop — or upset when some plot point gets spoiled before we see it.

So, here’s your “Better Call Saul” season five recap…