I’ve been a fan of the “Mythbusters” for years, but the new season has only increased my admiration.

It’s not just the continued emphasis on the scientific method in testing the various myths, but also the way they’ve handled Kari Byron’s pregnancy. They didn’t hide it, as so many other TV shows have done by making moms-to-be stand behind counters, carry heavy coats, or wear billowing outfits. To the contrary, Kari’s been on the show regularly in all her pregnant glory, not afraid to show off her big belly — nor has it kept her from participating in the segments with Tory and Grant.

The shows we’re seeing now were filmed earlier this year, before Kari gave birth to a baby girl at the end of June. I don’t know whether she’ll miss any shows in the future for maternity leave, but in the meantime, kudos to her and the producers and the Discovery Channel for busting the myth that America won’t watch a show with a woman in “that condition.”

Here’s the goofy video they posted online to announce her pregnancy…