Nancy Pelosi is getting some criticism today because of what she didn’t say.

It has nothing to do with waterboarding or the CIA. She’s in Beijing, and some human rights groups are upset that she didn’t use the opportunity to denounce China’s horrible human rights record — particularly with the 20th anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Massacre a week away. Hillary Clinton heard the same complaints when she went to China a few weeks ago. In Pelosi’s case, she has never been shy about criticizing the Chinese government from her soap box in the US, so why is she remaining silent on it while there?

Simple: you don’t diss the landlord to his face. And China is our landlord. Without their loans, the US would be in even bigger financial trouble than we are right now. They’ve invested huge amounts in us, and the last thing we need is for them to get pissed off and call those loans.

Talk is cheap, and so is the dollar.