I need your help.

I have several hours of material recorded on DVRs and VCRs that I want to archive to DVD. I have tried using video capture and editing software on my computer, but the PC isn’t fast enough and ends up dropping so many frames that the motion looks out of sync.

I have also tried a couple of models of consumer standalone DVD-recorders, one by Samsung and one by Panasonic. They do the recording and transfer with excellent quality, but they lack a feature I need — creating chapters manually. In each case, when recording one segment, then stopping, and recording another, the DVD-recorder treats each one as a new title, not chapter. This makes everything on them except the first piece of video unreadable in other DVD players or my PC. Each unit does have an automatic chapter creating option, but all that does is take the recording and chop it down into five-minute units, with no way to adjust it or create new chapters at other breaks. I’d like to have this option so I can then create and edit the DVD menu, so that when I go back to look at them later, I can access what I need quickly and easily.

If you have any advice or recommendations along these lines, I’d appreciate your feedback via the Comments below, or you can reply privately via the link on the right side of this page. Thanks!