Big voter turnout here: 78% in St. Louis County and 85% at our polling place. Both records. I hope that means there are enough blue votes to flip Missouri’s second congressional district (turns out it was not to be, as Jill Schupp lost to incumbent Ann Wagner). Either way, that turnout is impressive during a pandemic.

Watching Steve Kornacki work the big board on MSNBC is my absolute favorite thing on any election night.

With 100% of the slices eaten, I can now report that our pizza dinner was delicious — even though none of it was blue.

I’ll take all the Kornacki I can get, although, to be honest, when MSNBC goes to commercial, instead of watching the KornackiCam, I flick around to some other channels. CBS is doing a horrible job — there isn’t one person on that network I want to watch. And if I go to NBC and see Chuck Todd, I immediately click away.

It’s always amusing to see networks make a big deal at the top of each hour with ELECTION ALERTS because new states have closed their polls — then going through them one by one to tell us they’re all too close to call. In other words, “We got nothing!”

Good to hear: The Washington Post says, “fears of disruption and voter intimidation had not materialized in any significant way.”

I like that MSNBC has relegated Brian Williams to only announcing poll closings and projections, while leaving the rest of the coverage to Joy Reid, Nicole Wallace, and Rachel Maddow — with Steve Kornacki getting the bulk of the airtime to break things down on the big board.

Exit polls indicate that 100% of the people who voted in person were just happy to be out of the damn house.

Has any TV reporter at any candidate’s headquarters (or gathering of supporters) ever told us something in a live shot we didn’t know before they began speaking? This particularly applies to the local reporters standing outside the buildings, who haven’t even gotten access to the guy who brought pizza for the candidate’s staffers.

Let’s take a moment and give big credit to the coders who make all these TV magic walls work, as well as the people behind the scenes who input both the historic and current voting information. Without them, John King and Steve Kornacki would just be shuffling paper.

The pollsters were wrong about several states and races, but they got one thing right: Kanye West got the same number of electoral votes that I did.