On 9/01, as I watched the devastation in New York, my thoughts turned to my brother Seth, who commuted each day from New Jersey, through the World Trade Center, to his office a few blocks away. With the havoc caused in the communication system due to the loss of the antennae atop the WTC, I was unable to get him on the phone to see if he was okay. We spent the entire day unaware of where he was or whether he’d escaped the carnage. It wasn’t until late that evening that he got home and called to report that he was okay.

As he related the adventure he’d been through, I invited him to join me the next day on KTRS/St. Louis to share it with my listeners and describe the giant ball of debris that came rolling up the street towards his window after the towers fell.

Here, on the 15th anniversary of that tragic day, is that conversation. Listen, then click here to subscribe to these podcasts via iTunes!