1. Blaming Joe Biden for gas prices is like blaming the high school principal for the soda dispenser at McDonald’s being out of Coca-Cola.
  2. I wonder what impact Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine will have on perceptions about the second season of Natasha Lyonne’s series “Russian Doll” when it debuts on Netflix next month.
  3. There were two separate stories last week about Keith Olbermann’s attempts to get back on the air at MSNBC and the interest supposedly shown by a couple of higher-ups at the network. I enjoyed Keith’s work in the past, and his holier-than-thou attitude would certainly fit in the with current slate of primetime news opinion hosts, so I’d probably check it out. However, I don’t see how he brings any new eyeballs to the channel or saves the time slot Rachel Maddow will soon abandon. Apparently, the bigwigs at NBC feel the same way, because any possible Olbermann deal seems dead, for now.
  4. I’ve been a fan of “High Stakes Poker” since it debuted on GSN more than a decade ago, and I’m enjoying the new seasons on PokerGo. But I notice one subtle change to the graphics. Rather than telling viewers how much each player has won or lost in the session, we only get a list of their current stack sizes. That’s meaningless, unless we’ve been keeping track at home of how much each of them bought in for — and unless it’s the same amount (which it never is), it’s useless information.
  5. Let’s tell Donald Trump that, yes, he’s right, he did win a second term in the 2020 election — which means he can’t run for president in 2024. Okay, we might need a deepfake of Tucker Carlson congratulating him, and probably an Oval Office mockup at Mar-a-Lago, but it’s worth trying.