Except for the final few minutes of the Rams-Raiders game last week — when Baker Mayfield led the Rams on a highlight-filled 98-yard drive to win the game — the vast majority of Thursday night matchups this season have been boring, low-scoring affairs. I kept wondering what was going through the mind of Al Michaels, who left his perch calling NBC’s highly-rated Sunday night games to do the Thursday games for Prime Video. Each week, he could barely contain his disdain for the proceedings. But I bet his disgust goes away every time Amazon direct-deposits a bigger paycheck into his bank account. Not to mention all that free shipping.

I won’t believe any of this nuclear fusion stuff from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory until it is verified by non-scientists who have “done their own research” on Facebook.

Europe is going to allow airlines to offer 5G phone service in flight, because we all miss the era of the AirFone, when it was so much fun sitting near another passenger shouting, “Guess where I am?”

I just saw an ad for a new Cirque-like show in Las Vegas which promotes it as taking place in “a 3D world.” Unlike the 2D world of only height and width all the other shows live in.

There are reports Twitter hasn’t been paying rent on some of its office space while denying severance to employees it purged. This is the same kind of bullshit Trump pulled with contractors who worked on his Atlantic City casinos, among others, including many lawyers who stupidly agreed to work for him. It’s the arrogance of the ultra-rich: “Let them sue me and I’ll use the courts to stretch it out for years.” Although I must note Elon Musk is no longer the wealthiest person in the world because his embrace of right-wing extremism on Twitter has caused the price of Tesla stock to plummet.