In a recap of my visit to NASA’s Johnson Space Center two months ago, I wrote:

Also in that huge building are rovers that will be used on the lunar surface during the Artemis mission, and a simulator for the Starliner, a reusable capsule that might be used for that flight. However, it’s a Boeing project that was supposed to be ready in 2017, but ran into delays and cost overruns that have kept it from being completed. Considering Boeing’s recent troubles with 737s and other planes, I’m not so sure I’d want to get on board that spacecraft — or be confident the doors wouldn’t fall off.

Since then, the launch has been delayed five times because of continuing problems at Boeing. Now NASA says Artemis will finally fly this Saturday, June 1, despite having a small helium leak in a joint in the propulsion system. If I were one of the astronauts scheduled for this mission, my response would be: “Wait, what’s that now? A gas leak in our big exploding thing? Can’t we get the guy from that late night FlexSeal commercial in there to make sure nothing’s leaking — anywhere?”

Considering all the lies RFK Jr. has told in the past, why was everyone so quick to believe his story about the dead worm in his head?

When asked about backlash to the hate-filled words he used in his recent commencement speech, KC Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker said, “I do not regret at all.” Of course not. That’s what religious zealots and right-wing extremists always say. They never back down, they never apologize, they never believe they’re wrong.

The NCAA and its biggest schools have come to a multibillion-dollar settlement over three antitrust lawsuits, which will allow the universities and colleges to pay athletes for their labor going forward. With all the money those institutions make from their basketball and football players, it’s good to know the players will share some of the revenue. But I wonder how professors and other academics who have been laid off at those schools feel about this. After all, the money has to come from somewhere, and god forbid it deplete the endowments by even a single dollar.

I read a headline yesterday which referred to Tom Cruise as “the Mission Impossible actor.” Oh, that Tom Cruise. I thought you were talking about the one who works the fries machine at the Burger King down the street.