“The Hunt,” a movie set for release soon, has been pulled by the studio because it’s about people being hunted by others with guns. That’s the America we live in today: make sure people don’t see that movie, but don’t do anything about the actual guns!

Conservatives, who apparently suffer from a victimhood complex despite being in power, have taken to complaining that they are not treated fairly by Twitter. If I were the company, I would throw back at them one of their favorite expressions: Love It Or Leave It!

At a restaurant a few days ago, a couple of minutes after we ordered, our waitress came by and said, “They’re working on your food. I’ll bring it out when it’s ready.” I thought, but didn’t say, “Yes, that’s how restaurants work.”

After picking up a bunch of items at a supermarket, I always revert to boyhood as I return the supermarket cart to the metal corral in the parking lot. The game is: can I push my cart hard enough so that it pushes in the swingy part of the one in front of it to make them fit together? Yesterday I did even better than that, putting enough force on my cart that it ended up inside of the next cart, which then ended up inside of the cart in front of it. A triple! Sometimes, it’s the little things.

A team of scientists have made a bottle of Atomik Vodka from crops grown in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. They say it’s “no more radioactive than any other vodka.” However, I haven’t seen a single article or photograph showing them throwing back shots of the stuff. They may be missing a marketing opportunity here. Instead of telling the public it’s safe, run a bunch of ads with slogans like “The vodka that will make your night glow” or “The only vodka with a half-life” or “The preferred vodka of geiger counters everywhere.”