Jerry Falwell Jr. stepped down as head of Liberty University after posting a photo of himself with his arm around an attractive young woman with both their pants unzipped. Now comes a story that his wife Becki had a seven-year-long affair with their pool boy, often while Falwell watched. I don’t care what people do in their private lives, but I love to see religious “family values” hypocrites exposed. Any day, I expect him to announce his new venture, a porn site called LibertyPornHub.

When police officers shoot an unarmed person in the back multiple times, no media outlet should refer to it as an “officer-involved shooting.” The correct phrase is “attempted murder.”

There was some smirking going on Monday when the GOP announced it won’t have a platform for its national convention, just support for everything Donald Trump wants to do. I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of a cult. However, since when has a party’s platform mattered to anyone outside the party? All the in-fighting that used to take place over what is essentially an irrelevant position paper that gets ignored almost as soon as it gets announced was a waste of time. Speaking of the GOP convention, it says a lot about the lack of powerhouse supporters willing to speak in his favor that Trump will appear all four nights in the final primetime hour.

As for a postscript on the Democratic convention: when I saw Kamala Harris grab Joe Biden’s hand and raise it in the air Thursday after his primetime speech, I thought, “No! Don’t touch Joe! Only Jill is allowed to do that!” If it were up to me, I’d lock him in the basement for the next ten weeks and not risk anyone getting close, for fear of him catching COVID-19 from someone who is asymptomatic. Remember how the right-wing propagandists went nuts when Hilary had a brief health problem? We need you alive and well, Joe!

And finally, a nudist colony in France has had over 100 people come down with COVID-19. Because if you won’t cover your genitals, what are the chances you’ll cover your face?