Here’s something I don’t understand. Sharp has introduced an Alexa-ready microwave that’s “optimized for popcorn.” Now, you’ll still have to put the bag of popcorn in the microwave, but who wants to then have to stand there and push a button on the front when you can use your voice to tell your digital assistant to start heating up your delicious snack? The problem I see is that when it starts beeping to indicate the process is complete, how are you going to retrieve those tasty morsels and consume them? Certainly not with your hands. That’s crazy talk. “Alexa, I need help getting this piece of corn kernel out from between my back teeth.”

Here’s another thing I don’t understand. The Civil Aviation Administration of China has released new guidelines for its airline industry, including a suggestion that flight attendants wear disposable diapers so they don’t need to use the bathroom during long flights. While you’re usually better off not using an airplane lavatory under normal circumstances, it’s certainly not a good idea squeezing into a small shared space during the pandemic. However, I don’t view wearing an diaper as a practical alternative. Imagine having to take care of your biological needs during a trans-Pacific flight into your adult pull-ups — and then having to sit in it until you reach your destination. Even infants know that’s uncomfortable; hence the screaming. I’d rather watch an in-flight Rob Schneider movie.

NBC is reviving “Night Court” with Melissa Rauch (“The Big Bang Theory”) as the judge, who happens to be the daughter of Harry Anderson’s old character. John Larroquette is returning, but I’ll only watch if they bring in actors to play the offspring of Markie Post, Marsha Warfield, Charles Robinson, and Richard Moll (Bull Junior?), too.

I’m beginning to think that Michael Bloomberg may have wasted his money running for president. Good thing he was able to use the rent-deferral law until he gets back on his feet.

The¬†National Nuclear Security Administration is one of the many US government agencies breached this week in the giant cyber attack that was probably launched by Russia. To make things worse, Wilford Brimley died this year, so we don’t have a veteran in the control room to avoid the China Syndrome. By the way, good thing the Republicans spent so much time worrying about Hillary’s email servers and making up stories about rigged election software instead of fortifying our nation’s cyber defense.