I am amused when somebody calls me from their car while I’m sitting in my dining room or home office and, at some point in the conversation, they tell me I’m breaking up. No, I’m remaining stationary and you’re constantly moving, so I think the cell-tower-bad-connection problem is more likely at your end.

There is a still a large number of Americans who haven’t been vaccinated because they claim they’re still not sure about the shots’ safety. What they’re ignoring is that 99% of the people now being hospitalized with COVID are unvaccinated. In other words, the data is in, so get over it. Of course, they probably live in the conservative media bubble which, instead of reporting the positive aspects of the vaccines, continually uses scaremonger tactics to dispense disinformation.

I’ve written about most of the other “Jeopardy!” guest hosts, so I guess I have to offer at least one comment on the just-finished two-week stint by George Stephanopoulos: he had a tendency to add too much hype to a game that doesn’t need it at all. After more than three decades on the air, “Jeopardy!” doesn’t need a cheerleader, just someone who can keep the show moving, make the contestants feel comfortable, and remember to refer to the questions and answers as “clues” and “responses.” Also, never use the word “phlegm.” My current top 4 choices to get the full-time job: Ken Jennings (way in the lead), then Mayim Bialik, Sanjay Gupta, and Buzzy Cohen.

Imagine the whining you’d hear from right-wingers if Democrats were doing the election audit in Arizona and it took this long to announce a result. Could it be Trumpsters have realized their Cult Leader didn’t win — but don’t have the balls to announce it? Not according to his conspiracy-theory-swallowing loyalists, who will never admit they’re wrong, no matter how many times their outrageous claims are debunked.