I think there’s a silent rebellion going on at the Baskin-Robbins ice cream store I visited recently. There were definitely more than 31 flavors in the display case.

I see that the pay cable service Showtime will now be known officially as “Paramount+ With Showtime.” Wow, that’s a name that just rolls off the tongue, no doubt decided upon by more than a dozen corporate vice presidents who didn’t bother doing any focus group testing. After all, the name Showtime has only been around for 46 years, so maybe Americans aren’t fully aware of it yet. Oish! As I wrote last week, I think consumers have reached their limit when it comes to paying for streaming services and doubt there’s enough compelling content in this new combo to get them to cough up another ten bucks a month.

Speaking of rebranding, a hotel company has announced it will convert The Artisan (a boutique hotel just off the Las Vegas Strip) into The Lexi, a 64-room hotel with the entire fourth floor designated as cannabis-friendly. I’m sure the aroma of skunk weed will stay only on that floor and never permeate the rest of the building — especially when the odor gets into the clothing and hair of the guests in those rooms, who will then spread it to the elevators, bar, restaurant, etc. They might as well just allow pot smoking everywhere and rename the place The Contact High.

I have never watched an episode of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette.” But I see promos for them in other ABC shows I watch, and it seems to me the casting directors at some point said, “No one will notice if we just hire the same men and women year in and year out.” From the looks of the people on camera, mission accomplished. Of course, for me, seeing those guys is like looking in the mirror.