I read that Quentin Tarantino and his wife, Daniella, are expecting their first child. I’m sure he’ll film the birth, then add in special effects of lots of blood spraying all over the delivery room.

I’m glad to see the major phone providers have made a deal with attorneys general from every state, in which they’ve committed to better label and block spam calls. That’s no small order, considering that in July alone, there were something like 4.7¬†billion of those illegal communications. AT&T is already offering a free download of their Call Protect app that will serve as a better buffer between your smartphone and the spammers. I got it, and it’s helped, but I have to be honest. I miss the very personal relationship I had developed with Rachel from Card Services. It’s been so long since I heard her voice, I’m beginning to suspect she’s forgotten about me.

Are there still Hari Krishnas? If so, how are they surviving without begging for money at the airport?

I heard someone the other day commenting on some minor modern marvel, but adding, “Of course, there’s still no cure for cancer!” I imagined how cancer scientists feel about that: “Hey, we’re working our asses off every day to solve something incredibly difficult! Sure, it’s not as tough as making a vape scent that smells like guacamole, but give us a break, huh?”