I’m sad to hear that Alan Arkin won’t appear in the third season of “The Kominsky Method.” His deadpan delivery is unrivaled, and his Norman provided a nice balance to all the stories about Michael Douglas’ Sandy.

I’m glad Apple keeps updating the software for iPhones and iPads (including the new iOS 14), but whenever I read a list of all the new features the latest version contains, I can only find two or three that I’ll avail myself of. If I had to pay for the full package, I wouldn’t, but as long as it’s free, I’ll take it, even if I’ll never use — or need — 99% of it.

I smirk every time I see an NFL player with a hyphenated last name that barely fits on the back of his jersey. What happens when they have kids with a woman who also uses two last names? I guess the jersey will read, “Continued On Next Uniform.”

Speaking of football, I’m a longtime watcher of “Inside The NFL,” mostly because of the brilliantly-edited highlights. But this season’s inside-the-studio banter between Ray Lewis, Phil Simms, and Brandon Marshall has offered way too little insight and way too much clowning around and useless chatter. More often than not, I fast-forward through them to get to the next NFL Films package.