On my show this afternoon, I talked with Bruce Barry about the erosion of free speech in the workplace and his book, “Speechless.”

Far too many Americans think the First Amendment allows them to say anything, anywhere, anytime, but that’s far from true. Most workers can be fired for any reason, and quite often it’s for the way they’ve expressed themselves — from having a bumper sticker for the “wrong” political candidate, to blogging about their boss, and on and on. Bruce and I talked about those examples and others, the difference in your rights depending on whether you work in the public and private sectors, how difficult it can be to go after a company that fires you, and much more.

Listen to the conversation here.

Bruce is a professor of management and sociology at the Owen School of Management at Vanderbilt University, serves as president of the Tennessee branch of the ACLU, writes for Nashville Scene — and was one of the smart ones in my high school graduating class.