For years, we’ve heard about companies developing male contraceptives. I’ve always been skeptical because I don’t think women are going to trust men just because they say they’re fixed. It’s not that the burden of contraception should only be on the woman, but the fact of the matter is that a man will do and say anything to get laid, and she’s the one who has to live with the consequences of pregnancy, not him.

That hasn’t stopped companies from working towards that goal, however, and Samantha Allen says the first non-condom male birth control may make it to market by 2020. However, I see a problem with the potential products, and it comes down to one word: injection. The guy would have the contraceptive gel injected into his penis — in one case, after an incision was made first — and that’s going to be a no-go for a lot of guys.

If you’re a man, just thinking about the prospect is probably enough to make you cross your legs. We try to go our entire lives without anything sharp coming in contact with our junk. Come to think of it, blunt stuff is out, too. And if that’s not enough, these gel contraceptives are potentially reversible, but you’ll need a second injection.

I can see there being a market for these products for married men who are practicing responsible family planning with their wives — much like a vasectomy — but I doubt you’ll see single guys lining up for the gel (oh!) shot and abandoning condoms altogether, especially since the gel does nothing to alleviate concerns over sexually-transmitted diseases.

And I doubt you’ll find many women who would believe the guy when he claims, “I’m on the gel!”