I felt like washing my eyes sockets out with acid after watching “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” I had managed to avoid the show completely until I had to watch last night’s episode because WLS booked ex-gov Rod Blagojevich to talk with me this morning about his wife Patti, one of the contestants on the show. Oh, the sacrifices I make for my listeners.

This may be the worst TV show ever aired — proof that NBC now barely qualifies as a major network — and the people on it couldn’t even spell “celebrity,” let alone qualify as one.

Stephen Baldwin? Ken Levine refers to him as the Fredo of the Baldwin family. Perfect.

Janice Dickinson? I don’t know which is uglier, her personality or her plastic surgery. Makes Joan Rivers look like Anne Hathaway.

John Salley? Wasn’t he once considered the heir-apparent to Arsenio Hall?

Lou Diamond Phillips? What the hell happened to him? Talk about not living up to your potential. Here’s a guy who burst onto the scene in 1987 in “La Bamba,” did a good job the next year in “Stand and Deliver,” then did a couple of “Young Guns,” and then pretty much drove his career into the ground. You know it’s over when you agree to appear on this NBC piece of crap.

There’s only one form of the human species lower than the kind of has-been or never-was that appears on this show. That’s the people who not only watch it, but then call and vote!

What a waste of time.