I don’t Twitter. I don’t send Tweets, and I don’t receive them, although I know plenty of people who do. I use this blog to share information with you, and can update it whenever I feel there’s something worth posting, but the fact that I’m going to the supermarket for more milk doesn’t qualify as share-worthy.

Still, Twitter is incredibly popular. There are stories every day about politicians, movie stars, and everyday folks sharing their every thought with their legions of followers.

And it makes absolutely no money. Twitter has no income stream whatsoever. So, naturally, Google is thinking about buying it. Probably for a check with three commas in it. But how will they monetize it? Will an ad appear with every 140-character Tweet you receive? Will Twitter consumers like that?

Here’s my goal for the rest of this year: come up with something that becomes The Next Big Thing, give it away for free to everyone who wants it, generate no money from the Thing, and wait until Google calls with a billion-dollar offer.

When that happens, you’ll read about it here.