Three years ago, I praised a standup special by a comedian from St. Louis named Greg Warren. Now he’s back with another, “The Salesman,” and I highly recommend it, too.

It was shot in a comedy club in Lexington, Kentucky, because that’s where Jif peanut butter is produced. Warren spent a decade selling Jif and other consumer products (e.g. Crisco, Pringles) for Proctor and Gamble. P&G has since sold the brand to Smuckers, leading Warren to observe that the same company now owns peanut butter and jelly, adding, “If they get ahold of a bread company, look out!”

The Jif theme takes up at least a third of this hourlong show, but I never tired of it, particularly as Warren tossed verbal jabs at competitors Peter Pan and Skippy, as well as organic peanut butter. Other topics he joked about include his experience with holistic healing, health insurance, and a funny story about touring with another St. Louis comic, Nikki Glaser.

You can watch Warren at work here…