Kids, pay attention for another valuable lesson in how to be a hypocrite in politics.

NY Governor Elliott Spitzer is in trouble for allegedly having a hooker travel from New York to Washington to spend the night with him at the Mayflower Hotel. Normally, that would be a matter for no one but Spitzer and his wife (who probably had some questions about why he had other companionship on Valentine’s Day).

Ah, but here’s the rub, if you’ll pardon the term. Earlier in his career, as he was making a name for himself on the way to being named Crusader Of The Year by Time magazine, Spitzer busted two big prostitution rings. In the past tense, it was not okay with Spitzer for you to pay for consensual carnal fun — but in the present tense, it is okay for him to do the same. Understand the rules now, kids?

One more thought. The story is that Spitzer paid $4,300 for one night with “Kristen,” the call girl. Compare that to 1990, when Richard Gere paid $3,000 for a whole week with Julia Roberts. Now that is inflation.