Bob Robinson e-mails, “While watching the evening news, I was (once again) struck by one thought:  are we going to have to see a reporter killed on live television before they stop going out into these storms to report on them?  A CNN crew was dangerously close to some large flying debris today.  Surely we have enough file footage of hurricanes that we no longer require live pictures of every hurricane.  Just last year GMAs Tony Perkins suffered an eye injury covering a storm.  It’s long past time for television news organizations to stop putting their people in harms way.  There is a reason that residents of areas threatened by hurricanes are evacuated.  Maybe it’s also time the authorities stopped allowing reporters access the these areas.  I’m pretty tough, and it takes a lot to shock me, but I feel certain that I will be horrified if I see a signpost go through a reporter or cameraman some day.”

He’s right, although I bet all the other reporters would be jealous of the one who got hurt, thus creating an even-bigger rush to the scene next time.