I have four items I have to share with you — and comment on — today:

#1: More proof that we are not all in this together. Here’s another perfect example of a super-spreader event filled with covidiots who won’t wear masks. Result: 170 people infected, 7 dead. Key sentence: None of those who died actually attended the wedding and reception.

#2: According to a Washington Post story, the US Postal Service had a plan to send 5 reusable face masks to every household in early April. It even had a press release ready. The White House blocked the plan. “There was concern…that households receiving masks might create concern or panic.” Again with the panic excuse? From an administration that hasn’t gone a single day without trying to scare Americans about everything EXCEPT coronavirus!

#3: Every time someone asks why I don’t start a podcast, I want to tell them about stories like this: Amazon Music is introducing podcasts to the service, adding more than 70,000 of them — and that’s nothing compared to what Apple and Spotify offer. Good luck getting attention in that tsunami, let alone making money! I know the challenge of attracting new listeners in a radio market with twenty or more stations, but can’t imagine what it would take to even eke out a living in a field of a quarter million competitors.

#4: I just saw a website with the headline, “The Future Is Clear: Psychics Answer All Your COVID-19 Questions.” And here’s a complete list of all the psychics who predicted the pandemic before it began:


End of list. It turns out the future is not — and never has been — clear.