I was supposed to do two hours with Stu Shostak on his live podcast yesterday, but ended up talking with him for nearly three hours about a wide assortment of topics. In addition to some highlights (and lowlights) of my radio career, we discussed Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, the Bill Of Rights, the St. Louis Rams, the state of terrestrial radio, my 1989 broadcasts from Moscow, and the time I was almost picketed by a group of deaf people. I also explained the origin of my Harris Challenge and how I’m forever indebted to the people of the state of Florida for their contributions to Knuckleheads In The News.

You can download the podcast from the Stu’s Show website, where his archives go back more than a decade. I have also posted it on my server, as he has kindly given permission to embed it so you can listen here.

By the way, Stu is the guy behind Shokus Video, which for decades with was the go-to site for vintage television shows. As a customer, I bought collections of Groucho Marx hosting “You Bet Your Life,” a compendium of black-and-white commercials, and other classic stuff that no one else had but Stu. Unfortunately, his business has been impacted negatively by YouTube, where people have taken much of the public domain material they got from Stu and uploaded it for anyone to access. He tells me that he still sells some DVDs of hard-to-find shows from his massive archives via his impressive equipment setup, which allows him to duplicate material in any known film or video format, including Super 8 and Betamax. Browse the Shokus site here.