When it comes to women in combat, why would we not want everyone who is physically and mentally capable of doing the job to wear our uniform and go where they’re needed?

How different would that discussion be if we still had the draft?

From my daughter: Is Nicki Minaj jealous of the “American Idol” contestants who can actually sing without using AutoTune?

Did the NFL’s legal team really have to crush the guy who tried to trademark “Harbowl,” considering he did it a year ago?

Would someone explain to the Lingerie Football League, which didn’t understand the word “lingerie,” that changing its name to the Legends Football League only proves it also doesn’t understand the word “legends”?

What part of an almond do you squeeze to make almond milk?

Why do so many Floridians need silicone butt injections, and why would they get them from a non-doctor in a motel room

If political campaigns were financed solely by public funds, with no contributions allowed by special interest groups, wouldn’t assault weapons and large ammunition magazines already be illegal?