Random questions about the arrest of Fred Willard in an adult movie theater last night:

  • In a world where you can find porn online for free anytime of the day or night, why are there still “adult movie theaters” showing the stuff? Seems to me like a business that’s further past its prime than the daily newspaper.
  • Why would anyone go there? Why would anyone who did go there think it was okay to open their pants and imitate Pee Wee Herman?
  • I know Fred’s 72, but couldn’t someone have bought him a laptop or iPad and shown him how to “research” the material at home?
  • Do these movie theaters sell tissues and lubricants at the snack bar?
  • Isn’t it nice to know that the rest of Los Angeles is completely crime-free, so the cops have time to regularly bust men in an adult movie theater?
  • This doesn’t happen at screenings of Spider-Man and Batman movies, does it?
  • Was Fred really cast in a new movie called “The Yank“?