Tuesday night, TCM will air five documentaries about movie stars Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, and Humphrey Bogart. They were compiled by Joan Kramer and David Heeley, who also have a book (coming out 4/16) about their experiences working with those celebrities and others, “In The Company Of Legends.” They’re terrific storytellers, as you’ll hear in my conversation with them about:

  • how they convinced a reluctant Ginger Rodgers to talk about Fred Astaire;
  • why Johnny Carson thought someone else would be better to host a show about Jimmy Stewart;
  • how Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda turned on the charm when the cameras rolled;
  • how Katherine Hepburn approached them to do a show about Spencer Tracy;
  • why Jane Fonda didn’t host their show about Katherine Hepburn.

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