I didn’t think it was possible for SNL’s “Weekend Update” to become less relevant, but it did this weekend with the premiere of new co-anchor Colin Jost. He and Cecily Strong not only have no chemistry, they also aren’t good at delivering the jokes, which may be because the material’s not funny in the first place. They should be locked in a room and forced to watch Tina Fey with Jimmy Fallon and/or Amy Poehler — but then they’d just quit in frustration.

Meanwhile, Update’s former anchorman, Seth Meyers, last week made the most vanilla debut of any late night host since Pat Sajak. He wasn’t as bad as Chevy Chase/Magic Johnson, but Meyers didn’t say or do a single thing anyone would remember the next day — which is exactly the standard he set as head writer and anchorman at SNL. The three men who preceded him as “Late Night” host (Letterman, O’Brien, and Fallon) set the bar pretty high, and it seems like Meyers is content to just walk under it.