It’s ironic that the five states that have been in the headlines since Election Day have Republican-run legislatures. They’re the ones who decided not to change their laws to start counting mail and absentee ballots until election day or night. Despite knowing a ton of people would vote that way due to fear of the coronavirus, the GOPers thought they were setting up a structure that would not be beneficial to Joe Biden. But by not following the leads of the other states, which were allowed to count votes earlier and thus announce a winner Tuesday night, they have only extended the torture for their cult leader in the White House.

One thing Trump will be able to crow about is having a larger crowd at his inauguration in 2017 than Biden will in 2021. But that has nothing to do with the relative popularity of the two men and everything to do with the pandemic, which will make it impossible, in an administration that reveres science, to jam a million or more people onto the mall and the west steps of the Capitol.

Who cares if Trump concedes or accepts the result? At the end of the Super Bowl, they don’t ask the losing team if they agree with the final score.

It’s hard waiting through the dead time when no new data is coming in, which means Steve Kornacki has nothing to explain at the magic map. So, networks have filled airtime with pundit after pundit telling us what they think about what has and will happen, despite most of them being dead wrong — like the pollsters — in their pre-election predictions.

I love this tweet from Thursday so much, I wish I’d written it…