In response to my post yesterday about why Seth McFarlane won’t bring down the demographics of the Academy Awards telecast audience, Dennis Hartin e-mailed:

The Academy blew it when they increased the nominees for
Best Picture from five to whatever, for the reasons you describe. They should have gone the route the Golden Globes and Emmys took years ago — like products only compete against like products. There should be Best Drama, Best Comedy, Best Action Picture, etc. They already did this with Best Animated Picture, so why not other categories? And then there would be a really long preferential ballot for Best Picture, will all of the nominees in each category listed. And some kind of online voting, that would carry some meager percentage of the tally in addition to the Academy members ballots. At least more movies would have a shot.

I hate the idea of the public voting for any accolades that are supposed to come from the industry. That’s what the People’s Choice awards are for. On the other hand, I like the idea of breaking down the Best Pictures into Drama and Comedy, but no further, and certainly not for each acting award — let each film’s producers or stars decide which category they want to vie for. If anyone complains there’s not enough time in the telecast for one more category, just kill the the production numbers.