When I heard that NBC had a new fall series starring Uri Geller (“Phenomenon”), I knew I had to get James Randi back on my show to talk about it.

Apparently, this is similar to a series that ran in Israel, in which Geller was caught cheating on camera and held up to ridicule in the national press. Even by reality TV standards, this is really bottom-of-the-barrel stuff NBC is digging up, and they should be ashamed. Criss Angel (of A&E’s “Mindfreak”) is also involved in the show, and since Randi spoke to him recently, we talked about that, too.

I also asked Randi to tell the story of mentalist Banachek — who performed at this year’s Amazing Meeting and is a consultant on Angel’s show — who started his career as a teen by conning some paranormal researchers at Washington University, with Randi’s help.

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