When he was a teenager, Jeff Rossen’s career was inspired by seeing a balding, overweight man talking into a microphone (funny, I didn’t even notice him watching me!). He was hooked on broadcasting, so he worked his way into the business and up the ladder until he became the National Investigative Correspondent for NBC’s “Today” show. Now he has a book full of life hacks and safety suggestions from his segments on that show, “Rossen To The Rescue.” In discussing it, I asked him:

  • How did you react when a producer suggested you be buried alive in an avalanche?
  • In all the stories you’ve done, what did you learn that surprised you or changed your mind?
  • Why did your story about coin counting machines make viewers so mad?
  • What did you discover about stores re-selling used underwear?
  • Can you really negotiate the price of big-ticket items at big-box stores?

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