If you enjoy really good contestants on “Jeopardy,” set the DVR for this week.

Today’s champion was a grad student from California named Larissa Kelly, who racked up an amazing $45,200 in one day. She’s the most soft-spoken contestant I’ve ever seen on the show, but she’s gutsy, too. She wagered $8,000 on a Daily Double in a General Science category (“The IRAS telescope, which revealed 5 new comets, made its observations in this part of the light spectrum”) and then $7,000 on a DD in Shakespearean Phrases (“A wife tries to console her husband in this tragedy by telling him, ‘What’s done is done'”) and nailed both of them.

Whether she’ll be the female Ken Jennings remains to be seen (she only has to win 74 more times to be in his league), but she’s certainly impressive. Interestingly, Larissa’s sister Adrianna was a “Jeopardy” contestant just a few months ago.

FYI, the Daily Double answers were “What is infrared?” and “What is Macbeth?”