I was going to write something about the non-controversy regarding Jerry Seinfeld’s recent explanation about why he won’t play college campuses, complaining that the audiences are “too PC.” Then I read my friend Mark Evanier’s thoughts on the subject, which pretty much covered what I was going to say. Read that, then watch Seinfeld dip into the subject with Steve Harvey on the latest edition of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and, if you’re like me, you’ll be pretty much done with the topic.

Incidentally, I’ve yet to see Steve Harvey do anything I haven’t enjoyed. He was great as the leadoff man for “The Original Kings Of Comedy.” I’ve never seen his daily TV talk show or heard his syndicated radio show, but I bet I’d like them (or at least his easygoing, quick-witted, very likable personality).

Anytime I see a YouTube clip of Harvey hosting “Family Feud” (which he does much better than previous hosts Louie Anderson, Richard Karn, and John O’Hurley), I smile at his slow, comedic takes to dumb answers like the ones in this compilation (which still elicit claps and shouts of “Good answer!” from teammates, even when they obviously aren’t). Of those, the best is undoubtedly the time a male contestant came up with the least likely response to the question, “Name something that follows the word pork…”