Just a few things that occur to me as I watch the Rams, Bengals, and those $7 million commercials…

Best line of the day, from my wife, when I invited her to sit down and watch with me: “I won’t have to listen to Troy Aikman, will I?”

Nice of NBC to introduce the woman doing the sign language translations for the deaf at the Super Bowl, but lousy to then never show her again — including during the songs she’s signing.

McDonald’s ran a commercial which includes a slew of people looking at the menu but unable to decide what to order — because the options have changed so much?

The Toyota commercial with the Paralympian brothers got the Ad Bowl off to a pretty good start, but does heart-tugging sell cars?

Note to self: contact Universal and Disney to pitch a movie about a global battle of Marvel characters vs. Jurassic Park dinosaurs.

Has it really taken this long for a car company to use Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue” to sell an all-electric vehicle?

Kudos to the NBC production team for including the kickers, punters, and long snappers in the pre-game player introductions. Considering how many games are won by their efforts, it’s about time (even more relevant considering Rams’ punter Johnny Hekker botched the hold for a field goal in the second quarter!).

The Avacados From Mexico ad during the Super Bowl should have been accompanied by a giant asterisk, considering the US suspended all imports of Mexican avocados after a safety inspector at a plant in that country received a threatening message.

This Ad Age piece has some very interesting details about the Chevy spot with the “Sopranos” theme (including the commercial, in case you missed it).

Let me get this straight, Verizon. With the world in its current condition, you made a “We Are The World” type commercial with music superstars doing a charity song for phones? I love Dolly Parton as much as anyone, but that was more than a bit tone deaf.

I know nothing about crypto, but that Larry David commercial for whatever-the-hell-it-is was pretty, pretty funny.

Two more additions to the list of ads that must be considered among the best of the night: the Keeping Up With The Joneses (Tommy Lee, Rashida, Leslie, Tom) spot for Toyota and the NFL legends spilling out of the TV to play in the living room with two young viewers.

Dammit! For Valentine’s Day, I was going to give my wife the thigh-high boots that Mary J. Blige wore at halftime. Curses, spoiled again.

I see quite a few people calling tonight’s Super Bowl Halftime show the best ever. How quickly they’ve forgotten Chubby Checker and the Rockettes doing the Super Bowl Twist in San Diego in 1988. I was there, and the memory of the field covered in giant 45s still haunts me.

Five years ago, I wrote: If you want to know when the downfall of America began, you might want to timestamp the date when NFL players stopped holding their own water bottles while taking a few sips on the sidelines. Read the whole thing here.

The Cutwater cocktails ad seems derived from the old Bud Light “Real Men Of Genius” campaign.

I’ll never understand why, on third down when the offense needs to get two yards, cornerbacks consistently play them seven yards off the line of scrimmage. I’m talking about you, Bengals defense.

And, in the end, it comes down to two words: Aaron Donald. Of course. But I refuse to keep watching to see Stan Kroenke hold up the Vince Lombardi trophy. G’night!