Here’s my conversation with Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, HDnet, Landmark Theaters, 2929 Entertainment, and more.

We talked about new entertainment delivery technologies, like the multi-platform release of the Steven Soderbergh movie “Bubble,” which hit theaters, DVD, and HDnet all at the same time this week. He explained why movie theaters owners are mad about this simultaneous release, but shouldn’t be. It’s all about that new business paradigm I keep talking about, in which you can only succeed by giving people the content they want in a way that’s best for them to consume on their own terms.

We also talked a little sports. I asked him if he’s interested in buying the St. Louis Blues (or branching out into any other franchises), what he thought of the Antonio Davis incident a couple of weeks ago, and whether fans have gotten out of control.

Finally, since Cuban is also involved in a couple of internet companies, we discussed online privacy and the recent Google case, among other topics.

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