I flew to Vegas this afternoon on my favorite airline, Southwest, and they got us here 20 minutes early. But just as we landed, a flight attendant told everyone to stay seated and asked if there were any medical personnel onboard. A young physician stood up and they asked him to help with a woman a couple of rows behind me who was having breathing problems and severe chest pain.

As another flight attendant brought the portable oxygen and other onboard medical equipment, all of the passengers did as they were told and remained in their seats, albeit with a large amount of neck-craning. The doctor and the flight attendants moved the patient forward as the front door was opened and some Clark County EMTs came in to help. They put her on a stretcher in the jetway and worked on her for about 10 minutes until she was stable enough to move. I assume she was taken to a medical facility from there, but I don’t know.

I was impressed with the efficiency of the women on the cabin crew, who helped the ailing passenger while continuing to maintain calm on the plane — even taking to the PA to tell passengers who were transferring to other flights that they wouldn’t miss their connections because we had landed so early. I was also happily surprised that not one single person on board complained. I’ve been in the midst of similar circumstances before, and there are always inconsiderate people who bitch and moan about not being allowed off the plane. But today, not one peep.