I said I’d give this new Fox reality show, “Moment Of Truth,” a chance. And I did. And I’m done with it.

I’m sick of the phony suspense, the audience that oohs and aahs over every question, the fake pauses the contestants take before answering, and the recorded “that answer was…..true” lady. It’s boring, not even remotely scandalous, and worst of all, bad TV.

The contestants can’t be shocked by the questions, because they’ve heard them before — they were asked several dozen questions when they took the lie detector test. The only surprise is in which of those questions they’ll be asked again on camera, so if there’s something horribly revealing, they can always stop and back out.

If the first guy in the chair is any example of the kind of victim they hope to showcase, with his high-maintenance trophy wife and his too-easily shocked buddy observing and reacting, the producers wanted to get to something meaty right away. But I had no empathy for him, and the crowd wasn’t really interested, either. All they did was act the way primetime game show audiences are now trained to act — by overreacting to every little thing.


It’ll get good ratings because “American Idol” is the lead-in, but that doesn’t detract from the real truth of “Moment Of Truth.” To paraphrase a little voice I heard tonight, “That show…………….sucked.”