You probably saw the video of a large group of people gathered in and around a swimming pool at Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri, this weekend. I was going to write that the images went viral, but that word no longer has a positive meaning in my mind.

When I saw the display of social-distancing-deniers, all I could think was what the impact will be when those tourists bring the virus back to St. Louis and other cities after their weekend of droplet-sharing.

These are probably the same covidiots who make a fuss when a store refuses to allow them entry because they’re not wearing masks. They exclaim, “This is America, the land of the free, where I can do whatever I want!!”

If I were a store owner, I’d walk them over to the threshold of the front door and explain, “America is everything on that side. On this side, it’s my store, and I set the rules. By the way, I notice you never came to this store topless and barefoot and argued with our No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service sign!!”

Last point: while I was in the supermarket yesterday, everyone had masks on, but one older woman didn’t seem to understand the proper way to wear it. She had it over her mouth, but not her nose. That’s the same as only pulling on one pant leg or wearing an earmuff over just one ear.

Updated 5/25/20 3:06pm… In another example of covidiocy, Missouri health officials say that two hairstylists potentially exposed 140 clients to coronavirus when they worked for up to eight days this month while symptomatic. Customers probably thought they were just getting their hair trimmed, but as a bonus they were also picking up the virus and taking it home and spreading it everywhere else they went. But I bet they looked good at the pool.