In my many years of radio, I interviewed thousands of guests, some of whom were so great to talk with that I referred to them as Money In The Bank. To earn that title, they had to be terrific storytellers, usually about their own lives and professions. I would give them plenty of time to tell their tale, then try to lead them down the path to another and another and another. Some of them became repeat guests, but others were one-offs, yet still linger in my memory.

I never had the chance to talk to Norman Beck, who I hadn’t even heard of until this week, when I listened to Penn Jillette’s podcast. Norman was the interviewee, and wow, does he know how to spin a yarn. His business is insuring prize payouts — a hole in one at a charity golf event, a half-court shot at a basketball game, and lots of other non-sporting events, too. I’ve embedded the video of that conversation below so you can hear Norman discuss the breadth and width of his profession, with a couple of asides into magic and bridge tournaments.

I think you’ll agree he easily meets the qualifications of a Money In The Bank guest.